We are a coalition of business leaders
and concerned citizens who have come together
to prevent unnecessary gun deaths in America.


Our Agenda

What we've discovered is that there is a middle ground where the majority of Americans agree. This is not a partisan issue, it’s a human crisis. We are fighting hard for:



Universal Background Checks & responsible gun safety legislation 


Gun safety in the home to end Family Fire 


Support candidates who vote for sensible gun policies



Americans will die today at the hands of a gun


About Us

The Gun Safety Alliance is an open source group of business leaders and concerned citizens from across every single industry—a "coalition of the willing"—who are working together to propel cultural change and prevent unnecessary gun deaths in the United States. 

As individuals, many of us had been doing our part to advocate for gun safety. We liked posts, we tweeted, we donated to organizations, we reached out to our representatives...all the things we thought would matter. But after the Las Vegas shooting, we all realized that was not nearly enough. We decided to join forces, accelerating our efforts as a group of passionate volunteers, and the Gun Safety Alliance was born.

Together, we study the issues and navigate our path to meaningful and sustained impact. 

We work to channel our skills, our networks and our energy to raise awareness around the facts about gun violence, accidental deaths, suicide and domestic abuse, with the goal of engaging citizens to push for safe gun ownership and sensible gun laws. 

We act as individuals, parents and proud Americans. We do not represent the companies we work for or Boards we sit on. 

We welcome everyone, and our coalition is growing by the minute.



people die from gun violence every year in this country


The Second Amendment

We support the second amendment. Several members of our group are gun owners. We know you can be pro gun safety and pro gun. We are not fighting for “gun control” — we're fighting for common sense “gun safety.” THERE’S a difference, and it matters. 

Most gun owners are responsible and own guns to protect themselves and their families. They have every right if they follow the law, but we should all understand the risks and responsibilities with owning a firearm. 

Here are some facts:

  • A gun in the home is 19X more likely to be used to harm you.
  • The suicide rate in homes with guns is 5X higher than those without.
  • In homes with children, 75% of the kids know where that gun is.

People have every right to own a gun. And yet, all of us must know the risks and take care to protect ourselves, our children and our guests from the daily accidents and tragedies that have made us the world leader in senseless deaths at the hands of guns.




people are shot every day in the United States


Join Us

The Gun Safety Alliance is an “open source” movement led by a passionate group of volunteers. We are not a political organization, we work with them all. We are not a non-profit, we work with them all. We are mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who—like you—can no longer sit on the sidelines and hope for change.



of adolescent suicides occur using guns


What You Can Do Right Now

Each morning the founders of Gun Safety Alliance meet to discuss specific actions we can take to further our cause of finding a middle ground. Please check this site daily and use your voice (post, share, comment) to help us get the word out on key updates and actions: 

  • The students of Marjory Stoneman High School need your support. Take action here.
  • Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School published this letter to business leaders in the New York Times.
  • We've partnered with Ad Age to invite all creators to join the movement. Here's the brief.
  • Our friends at Lyft have just stepped up and are offering thousands of free rides to March For Our Lives events!
  • Gucci has made a major contribution to help March For Our Lives. We are grateful!
  • Are you a CMO and you'd like to get involved with our group? Email us privately here.
  • First National Bank of Omaha has reconsidered its policies because of your feedback.
  • Enterprise Holdings, Hertz and Avis Budget have all joined the movement. They need your support. 
  • Delta Airlines CEO declares: "Our Values Are Not For Sale." Show them you appreciate their position: Fly Delta.
  • LL Bean and Kroger have announced they will no longer sell guns to anyone under 21 years old. Show them your appreciation by shopping there, posting your support and sharing.
  • Show Walmart your appreciation for its support of gun safety measures by downloading their app here. (Post this message to thank them)

  • Post and support the decision by Dick's Sporting Goods. (Post this message to thank them)

  • We stand with the students of Parkland High School. We will continue to offer ways you can join us in supporting them here.

  • On 14 March 2018: Women’s March Youth EMPOWER, an organization sponsored by the Women’s March Network — which planned large-scale protests the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration and a year afterwards — is planning a walkout for 14 March. It would be for 17 minutes, one minute for each of the people killed in the Parkland shooting. We plan to participate, and we encourage all to join us.
  • On 24 March 2018, survivors of the 14 February shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and other students are planning a protest in Washington, D.C., called “March for Our Lives.” The event has caught the interest of Oprah Winfrey and George and Amal Clooney, among others, who have donated large amounts of money to the event. “Sister marches” will take place in cities around the world. Members of the Gun Safety Alliance will be joining these marches in person.
  • The GSA is proud to support any and all who work hard to make the world a safer place. We stand with the organizations who are doing their part.


of adolescent suicides involve a family member’s gun


Contact Us

Many news organizations are reaching out to us for updates and perspectives on gun safety issues. We are here to be a resource and support mechanism for all those who fight for safety. You can reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter or you can email us here.